Welcome to P4 Dog Grooming

Welcome to P4 Dog Grooming

Grooming Salon FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What is included in my Puppies first Bath and Groom?

P4 will give your puppy a warm bath with an Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo and conditioner, followed by  PH Balanced electrolyte, oxygen, hydration, final beauty rinse treatment that gives your puppy’s coat a new shine, cleans the skins and adds oxygen and hydration back to the skin and coat of your puppy.  Your puppy will also receive a through ear cleaning, blow dry, 15 minute brushing, nail trim (tip only), light shaving work to remove any excess hair around the paw pads and sanitary area that is needed and a light clipper or scissor trim around the face if needed for first puppy’s groom per your request.

When is the first time my puppy should be professionally groomed?

You should get your puppy groomed as Early as possible.  P4 take puppies as young as 5 weeks of age with the owner being aware their puppy should have had at least 2-3 rounds of shots before their first groom.  This assures their puppy safety when in our Salon when other dogs are in the salon as well.  The early you start with getting your puppy groomed, the better your puppy will be used to this process and make it much easier on themselves and the stylist.

Does my puppy need to be groomed every week?

  • Depending on the Breed of your puppy P4 recommends you get your puppy groomed at least every 6-8 weeks and it helps to keep using the same stylist as his/her first visit, for this will assure a better groom and your puppy would be familiar with that stylist and feel more comfortable.
  • P4 recommends make an appointment to just stop by with your puppy and see your puppy’s stylist and get a treat, that way your puppy becomes more comfortable with their stylist and will feel good knowing every time they come it’s not about grooming, just a friendly visit.

Should I do something between Salon Visits for my puppy?

  • Constantly keep brushing your puppy’s fur to maintain a healthy coat, and prevent matting, long hair dogs seem to have more of this problem because of their longer hair, keeps them from lot of excessive shedding. Matting can be painful for a puppy.  Don’t forget behind the ears, backside, and leg pits. P4 scan recommend the best brush for you to use.
  • Short hair dog’s need brushing just less often than long haired dogs.  Brushing them weekly helps keep dead hair from clogging their pores.  Ask P4 for information if needed