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PH Balance Oxygen, Hydration, Electrolytes Beauty Water Treatment and Drinking Water for Dog’s

PH Balance Oxygen, Hydration, Electrolytes Beauty Water Treatment and Drinking Water for Dog’s


BEAUTY WATER is a P.H Balanced Hydrated, oxygenized, electrolyte, water that eliminates, removes all residue from dogs’ skin, reduces body odors, smells, reduces dogs attracting flees, hydrates inside and outside, revitalize their skin, hair and overall wellbeing.   (please see Video’s and Reviews regarding Beauty Water)

The Benefits of Using Beauty Water for Your Dog and Yourself

For Dog’s

Beauty water is a PH Balanced water that adds hydration, oxygen, and electrolytes back into your dog’s hair and coat.   It helps reduces smells and adds a long-lasting shine of their coat.   In the beginning of your dog using beauty water, it begins to detox your dog’s skin and coat from any toxins that you and your dog never knew he/she has.       After several water treatments the body holds the freshness that beauty water gives to the skin and coat. Beauty water is a water your dog may drink as well to help kept toxics from their internal organ.   Beauty water also helps with flee contamination for your dog.  This is a very Health water that keeps your dog’s internal organs along with the outer body safe clean and always smelling fresh.

Benefits for Human’s

Beauty water is great for our skin. It helps tighten the skin rather face or body. It also helps get rid of toxics on your face you carry throughout the day. Beauty water works on humans as it does on your dog. Getting rid of unnecessary toxics and purifying our skin and body. Drinking beauty water is also safe for us to drink. I drink it daily. It keeps our skin feeling refreshed daily.

Getting older dogs need some extra help with keeping their skin and coat fresh, clean with a shine play, getting older, your dog need’s some extra help.  The PH Balance Beauty Water Treatment feels like silk on my skin, my owner can see my shine since treatment.  After drinking the PH balanced water dogs begin to feel young again. It feel like I can now run a marathon, I feel young again.

  • Grooming for all dogs include a final rinse with Beauty Water that leave’s visible results by restoring their coats, leaving their hair feeling silky, moisturizing their skin, restoring their bodies to freshness and wellbeing.
  • Pets are also Hydrated while on site with Beauty Water, for rinsing and drinking.  Drinking the water re-hydrates, them, cleans them from acid water in their bodies and helps oxygenized their skin, hair, and internal bodies

Benefits of drinking water (Please listen to Professional Vets and Dog owner on what they think of the drinking water for their pets and themselves)

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