Welcome to P4 Dog Grooming

Welcome to P4 Dog Grooming

About Us

Our groomers have graduated from a state accredit grooming school, receiving a certified certification diploma from the Academy of Animal Arts Grooming School. (Dearborn, Michigan). Applying love, care, and compassion in creating the best experience for your Dog, they will love coming back.  Each stylist technician is trained in bathing, trimming, and style for your dog’s breed.  P4 is a safe sanitized salon, always putting your dog first.   Come, bring your dog to enjoy an awesome grooming experience.

Purple Pooch Palace of Perfection is a new dedicated dog grooming salon opening in April 2022, in the city of Detroit. Our services are built on the principle of excellence in dog care and customer support. The owner and employee exercise patience and compassion in our professional activities. Our daily operations are Calendar Driven by appointments.

Our Story

As a loving dog owner, I have sought out dog grooming for my Yorkie constantly. Resources for professional dog grooming has existed only outside of Detroit. My vet is local, I can have food delivered to my home, but dog grooming has always been at long distance outside the city of Detroit. After my dog’s grooms she always came home shaky, scared, and isolated herself. I knew I had to do something about this.  So, I decided that I would open my own dog grooming salon. Giving my dog a better grooming experience along with other dog owner’s experiencing the same with their dogs. P4 solves the issue of locality, professionalism, dedicated grooming and coming soon mobility grooming.

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